Baby's First Christmas - Top Tips For Parents

Your baby’s first Christmas is a truly special and exciting time. But, as we know, it can also be very stressful especially if you already have older children.

To help, we here at Babyblooms have put together our list of ten top tips for parents to make life that little bit easier at Christmas time.

Christmas is a magical time, especially with young children but let’s not kid ourselves – unless you have an affinity with glitter or a team of elves at your disposal, it can be a stressful period for the person responsible for the majority of the organising. So here are our baby’s first Christmas top tips for parents…

Top Ten Christmas Tips


    • In order for your toddler to help give out the presents on Christmas morning, stick pictures of the recipients to the presents rather than labels so they can see who to give them to.
    • Use playdoh to pick up the glitter from any messy Christmas crafting sessions.
    • Cover the doorway that leads to the Christmas tree and presents with large sheets of Christmas wrapping paper so that the kids have to break into the room.
    • For a last-minute present, why not promise something that money cannot buy? Write a voucher for a lie in, back rub or day out (without the kids) for a unique and thoughtful gift. This is guaranteed to be a welcome Christmas gift for a new mum or dad. A thoughtful present that will be a really appreciated  treat following baby’s first Christmas.
    • If your tree is looking a little bare or tired but you can’t afford a new one, or if your real tree is shedding its needles, buy some green tinsel and your tree will look fuller and more Christmassy without spending a fortune.
    • Make some elf doughnuts to go with Santas mince pies on Christmas Eve. Take some cheerios and decorate with icing and sprinkles, perfect snacks for Santas little helpers.
    • Keep the magic of Christmas going as long as possible by creating Santas footprints by the fireplace or door. Simply put a large shoe down on the floor and sprinkle icing sugar to create an outline so the children can see where the big man has been.
    • When putting the Christmas decorations away trying wrapping the Christmas lights around a clothes hanger. You will be so pleased next year when you dont have to begin putting up the decorations by detangling the lights!

Baby's First Christmas Gifts


    • If it's your baby's first Christmas and your little one is still really tiny then they will probably sleep through most of the day. If they are a little bit older then they will be more interested in the wrapping paper, so why spend a huge amount of money on presents? Maybe buy a couple of lovely personalised gifts, such as christmas stockings or baubles to celebrate baby's first Christmas; and then consider buying second hand. This is good for the environment and your pocket and your baby will be none the wiser. Or maybe think outside the box and wrap up a packet of wipes for baby to empty all over the floor, or some bubble wrap for them to pop. Simple ideas that will save you some cash.
    • Finally, money may be tighter than usual, especially if one of you is staying at home to look after the baby. Why not consider homemade gifts, particularly for grandparents or aunties and uncles? You have produced this beautiful new addition to the family and so maybe rather than spending money on expensive gifts you could make a keepsake for them. A signed photo of baby or a handmade tree decoration using baby's handprints or footprints would make a gift for them to treasure, especially if it is baby's first Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the team at Babyblooms!