Clever Mum Debby Elnatan's giant leap of Innovation helps disabled children to take their first steps

At Babyblooms we are in awe of Mums like Debby Elnatan who overcome whatever obstacles are put in front of them to help their children be the best that they can be! Congratulations Debby!!!

Debby Elnatan whose son Rotem has Cerebral Palsy is the brains behind the Firefly Upsee, a walking harness which could transform the lives of many disabled children.

The Firefly Upsee which is manufactured by Northern Irish Company Leckey , was developed by Ms Elnatan after being told by professionals when her son was two years old that ‘he didn’t know what his legs are and has no consciousness of them’.

The clever design allows the child to stand upright with  the support of an adult  and enables them to take steps together and for the child to achieve repetitive walking training.

The Independent ran a great article on this with further detail and some great pictures:

Image source: Independent online

The Upsee includes a harness for the child, which attaches to a belt worn by the adult. Specially designed and manufactured sandals which fit both adult and child allow them to walk simultaneously and keep their hands free for playing or other tasks.