How can I keep my baby comfortable in hot weather?

Check out babyblooms top tips:

  1. Hydration
  • If you breastfeed your baby you may find they want to feed a little more often. They shouldn’t need any water if they're under 6 months old as breast milk is as hydrating as water.
  • If your baby is having formula then they may need a little cooled boiled water but try to keep this to a minimum and not just before a feed.
  • Mum needs to keep well hydrated too, drink plenty of water
    1. Sleeping and Bedding
    • Use cotton sheets and blankets.
    • Avoid using waterproof sheets, as these can be sweaty for the baby and make them overheat.
    • Avoid swaddling your baby so they can kick off the blanket more easily if they get hot.
    • Do not be afraid to leave your baby to sleep in only a nappy if it is hot in the room, especially above 24 degrees.
    • If your baby doesn't like this, then just pop a thin cotton blanket or muslin as a single layer over them.
    • When checking your baby’s temperature, feel their chest or the back of their neck as their hands and feet will be cooler than the rest of their body.
    • At bedtime, a quick, tepid bath before bed should cool baby down
      1. Day time activity
      • During the day dress baby in loose cotton clothing with a wide brimmed hat
      • It’s really important to avoid placing a blanket or cover over the buggy or pram as this stops air circulating and can make it even hotter for the baby.
      • Use factor 50 or higher sun cream on babies over the age of 6 months.
      • Babies under 6 months should be kept in the shade as their delicate skin has less melanin than older children and they burn more easily.
        1. Indoor Temperature
        • Try to keep rooms as cool as possible.  Invest in a room thermometer if you are unsure.
        • Ideally the room where your baby sleeps should be kept at about 16-20 degrees but in the hot weather this can be really difficult.
        • Create as much of a breeze as possible, open the windows but close blinds and curtains
        • Open a loft hatch if you have one and some of the hot air should escape upwards.
        • Hang a wet sheet over an open window - the breeze will turn cool from the sheet's moisture. You can also spray your curtains with cold water for a similar effect.
        • If you have a fan, pop a bottle of frozen water or bowl of ice in front of it so it cools the air as it moves.

           There is lots of advice out there, but as always, if you are worried about your baby give your GP or health visitor a call.