Inside Out Egg Fun

It's the friday before half -term and all talk at the Babyblooms home this morning has centred around the recipe for inside out eggs which was featured on today's Good Morning Britain and in the Daily Mail - we simply had to give it a go!

The technique which was developed by Japanese chef Yama Chaahan involves spinning the egg in the leg of a pair of tights for a few minutes before boiling.

There is of course a bit more to it than that, Mail online have produced the following simple step by step guide:


As the scientists amongst you will no doubt have already realised, the yolk of an egg is much denser than the white and the centrifugal force caused by spinning the tights forces the denser substance to move to the outside.

Read more from the Mail online:

Having spent an hilarious tea break having a go at it ourselves this morning we believe that this technique may also hold the key to banishing bingo wings!! More importantly, as half term looms, this offers an excellent way of entertaining children over a wet afternoon and including a science lesson to boot.

Here are Sharon and Nicola giving it a whirl this morning: