Pampering, Handmade and Natural Skincare Range for Mums and Babies

The Babyblooms skincare range for mums and babies takes inspiration from old country recipes which have been handed down over generations. Everything is handmade, natural and designed to soothe and pamper new mums and babies.

The entire range is made from scratch using ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, honey and flower waters and does not contain parabens, sodium, lauryl sulphate, palm oil or lanolin. Our products are suitable for vegetarians and no products have been tested on animals.

When it comes to packaging, both our glass and plastic jars can be recycled and wherever possible we use local business to keep our carbon foot print down.

Recently, we have collaborated with local west country producers to develop a relaxing home fragrance candle, reed diffuser and solid hand soap. These natural products are fragranced with our own blend of essential oils. Babyblooms candles which are clean burning with low carbon diffusion are produced using high quality natural wax that is both kind to the environment and from a sustainable source. Free from any petroleum based parrafin wax, additives and animal based ingredients they make a fantastic gift for a mum to be or a new mum

Recently we saw a tweet from a new mum who wanted to see more gifts aimed at pampering the new mum "afterall I'd carried baby for 9months".

So we sent her some of our skincare and she independently reviewed it with glowing comments,

"I loved the delicate smells which each product I received had, and was impressed with how luxurious the products felt on my skin. The soothing hand cream, smells delicious - although obviously you can't eat it! it contains beeswax and smells sweet like honey! It's really rich, but absorbs well and left my hands feeling really soft!"

This is only a snippet of Ms Goriami's review and equally fabulous view of the world. Check out the details in her blog dancing in my wellies.