Predicted Baby Names for 2020

Are you expecting a baby in 2020? We look at the top predicted baby names for the new decade.

It is commonly believed that baby names come back into fashion every 100 years, so what does this mean for new baby names in a new decade? Could we see the most popular baby names in 2020 taking inspiration from the 1920s?

According to the Office of National Statistics, these were the most popular baby names in the 1920s:

  1. John
  2. William
  3. George
  4. James
  5. Thomas
  6. Ronald
  7. Kenneth
  8. Robert
  9. Arthur
  10. Frederick
  1. Margaret
  2. Mary
  3. Joan
  4. Joyce
  5. Dorothy
  6. Kathleen
  7. Doris
  8. Irene
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Eileen

So will we see lots of little Johns and Margarets in the playground in the next few years? Maybe. But looking at the general trends, boys names seem to be less led by fashion. Five of the top ten boys names from the 1920s can be found in the top 25 of popular names from 2019, George, Arthur, James, William and Freddie have remained popular in the last 100 years whereas only Elizabeth can be found in the top 100 of popular girls names from 2019.

So what else might influence new baby names in 2020? It seems certain that William and Kate's third child will have some influence, with Louis and Louie rising up the list, with Archie sure to follow. Celebrity names will always affect the list with Ezra, Roman and Idris gaining popularity. According to the Bounty website, there is also a new trend for surnames used as first names, with Grayson and Oakley moving up the charts.

Interestingly Bounty also predict that Dorothy may become more popular, moving up 40 places, but still not making it into the top 200 names. Softer sounding names have become more popular, such as Rosie or Willow, as well as names representing softer colours, such as Lavender, Ivory and Sage. Finally, celebrities and others hitting the media spotlight will always influence new baby girl names, such as Greta (after Greta Thunberg) and Penelope (Khourtney Kardashian's daughter).

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