Rainy Day Activities for Kids

With the prospect of a cold and wet bank holiday weekend ahead we thought it may be useful to offer some suggestions to entertain the kids without breaking the bank.

Build a Den

What child doesn't love building a princess castle or a fortress indoors? Pick a room in the house that you don't mind being rearranged for a few hours, and use sheets and blankets and lots of pegs or butterfly clips to secure them as a roof between chairs, sofas and tables. Encourage your children to use their imaginations - they can create rooms inside with towels and other furniture, dress up and act out stories from their favourite books, and even have a picnic lunch or snack in their new den.

This activity should provide hours of entertainment for children of most ages, and is especially great fun when you have friends' children over for a playdate. Otherwise, be prepared to have to crawl inside the den, enter the fantasy and make appreciative noises!

Warning: you must also prepare yourself for the barrage of objections you will doubtless receive when it is time to put it away!
Fashion show spring clean

This one is a favourite with Team Babyblooms, as well as occupying the children it's also an opportunity to put a big tick on the never-ending to do list!

It's a fun way to spring clean the childrens' wardrobes - put on a fun fashion show! Place lamps in your hallway or landing and trun on some funky music, then get your kids to strutt their stuff down your makeshift catwalk. Cheer them on from your audience chair at the end of the hall, as you decide whether each item is ready for the bin or charity shop, delegated to the hand-me-down or sewing baskets, or still fine to wear for another season.Sorting through childrens' wardrobes and de-cluttering has never been so much fun!

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to amuse kids large and small. You can hide treats, but if you're health-conscious, hide toys instead - just use a specific set so they know what to look for, such as the Barbie collection, matchbox cars, or leftover party favours like balloons or toy whistles. Give each child a small basket to collect their loot in - they could have some fun decorating this for an extra activity. You could even let the kids create a deck of colourful picture cards to use as your scavenger pieces. To keep them engaged, offer a prize or treat for the child who brings back the most loot each round. This is a game that can be played for hours on end, with the right incentive!