Personalised Kids Clothes and Stranger Danger – is your child at risk?

We here at Babyblooms recognise the challenge of getting the kids ready in the morning and this challenge is definitely made easier if kids wear clothes they love. Most kids love to see their names on their t-shirt or backpack but is this putting your child at risk? Thankfully, incidents of stranger danger and child abduction are very rare but some parenting websites are recommending that you ditch the personalised items when out and about. This is because if a stranger approaches your child and knows their name the stranger will appear much friendlier, and your child is more likely to trust them.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, personalised clothing is fine at home or at nursery, but how can you find unique clothes that kids will love to wear out without including their name? customising their clothes might well be the answer. We have developed our brand new “Pick ‘n’ Mix” range of children’s t-shirts ranging from 0 – 6 months to 5 – 6 years that allows kids to pick the colour of their t-shirt and then the logo of their choice.

We believe that if children choose the colour and design on their t-shirt then they will feel special when they are wearing it and hopefully will have no objection to getting dressed in the morning! So when you have a little girl who loves tractors but only wears pink, or a little boy who dreams of flying to the moon in a sparkly rocket, take a look at these customiseable t-shirts and choose a t-shirt your child will love to wear.

The best thing  about Babyblooms’ range is that the personalisation is optional so you can make the best choice for your child to keep them safe when out and about.