Should we believe everything we read about celeb pregnancies?

I am very easily distracted at the best of times so when daily celeb titbits drop into my inbox, I am known to forget I have real work and drift off to read about celebs who I am actually not that fussed about. Take this article in this weeks Instyle's Daily for example. I saw the headline 'Kim Kardashian shares her pregnancy cravings' and thought ooh I wonder what she is scoffing with gay abandon! Told you I'm easily distracted. Lo and behold rather than a lump of coal or mashed potatoes, Kim is craving carrots and ranch dressing!! Stop the press! She says she has gone off sweets and chocolate that she usually craves can you picture this woman chowing down on a Kit-Kat? Me neither! But carrots?? Get a craving worth having that's what I say.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, my husband introduced me to roast potato sandwiches! Only a man could create that sandwich and then eat it without any thought for the consequences. But seeing as I was pregnant and putting on weight anyway I indulged (rather a lot). I also had to have coleslaw on everything...and not your lovely fresh home-made type. I craved the horrid cheap tasting supermarket offerings. Haven't been able to eat it since...ugh.

With my second, there was a carb-shaped pattern emerging. If it was on a muffin, bap,roll, croissant or bagel I was all over it. I was sick every day for 9 months and it still didn't put me off my cravings/food. Which begs the question, I know that cravings are a very real physical pregnancy symptom, but do you think we create cravings to suit? I hold my hands up and admit that gorging on cheese sandwiches and chips without then beating myself up for a week (or heaven forbid going to the gym to compensate) was quite liberating. So forget your carrots what did you really fancy when you were pregnant? I won't shout at you if your craving was carrots but I hope they were covered in butter!