Top Baby Names - Predictions for 2019

Finding the perfect baby name for your new arrival is a tricky business. Do you go for a traditional name that has stood the test of time? Or do you choose something a bit more unusual? Take a look at our predictions for the top baby names in 2018 to see if your name will stand out from the crowd.

What baby names have been popular in 2018?

As a baby gifting company that offer a personalisation service, we are in a unique and privileged position of being able to spot the trends for top baby names. There is no doubt that some names are reassuringly familiar. Oliver, Jack and Harry are always popular, with Charlie, Noah and Muhammed not far behind. We seem to like girl's names that end with the letter a. We see Olivia, Mia, Ella, Ava Jessica, Sophia and Amelia on a regular basis. But what about those names that are a bit less popular?

Food inspired baby names

We have noticed some delicious food inspired baby names this year. Saffron, Olive, Brie, Cherry and Honey have all been seen along with Rocket, Herb and Angus. We predict that this tasty trend may well continue into 2019.

Names inspired by the Royal family

With a Royal wedding and a Royal baby in 2018 it is hardly surprising that we are seeing more Royal names. We have seen a couple of Louis, but Harry, William, Victoria, Charlotte, Arthur and George are also popular. With another Royal baby on the cards for 2019 we expect to see this trend continue, but we are waiting for our first Meghan!

Gender neutral names

This is a trend we have noticed over the last couple of years. We predict it will continue to grow. We have seen the names Riley, Frankie, Blake, Taylor and Harley given to both boys and girls. With the growing popularity of unisex and gender-neutral toys and activities for babies and children this could be a trend to watch for the future.

We here at Babyblooms love to see our personalised gifts heading off to all the newborn babies. We can't know what names we will see trending in the coming months but our hunch is that we may see more common names spelt in an unusual way. such as Jackson and Jaxon. Finding the right name can be almost as hard as having a baby and we can't wait to see what the top baby names will be in 2019!