Weight Loss Journey

One of my first blog posts was to announce that after two years of excuses that I was carrying baby weight I was about to embark on a 'new me' programme. I vowed to keep you informed about my weight loss journey...and I must admit I didn't do that once. I think the reason I didn't was because just by writing that down I felt I had magically lost a few pounds!! The truth is I hadn't lost an ounce in fact I probably put on a few pounds if I am honest.

So now I am actually losing weight. At least I think I am! One of the reasons I think I am losing weight is because I have promised myself I will not step on the scales for a few months. A few things have motivated me to finally get myself sorted. The first reason is that I have signed up to run the Manchester 10k for my friends charity, Reuben's Retreat (www.reubensretreat.org). The second reason is that my best friend has asked me to be her bridesmaid! Normally I would just hope that the bias cut would be forgiving, but she is getting married abroad in a spa resort which means not a bridesmaid dress but a bikini!! So I have a two pronged motivation which compliment each other and are having powerful results.

I am not a runner but I have coerced my fitter friends to come running (fast walking) with me. I admit that the first few times were hell. I returned purple and remained purple until bedtime! I could barely lift my toddler and walking to school was a struggle the pain. But 4 weeks in and I can actually run for 4.5 miles (and counting) and hold a conversation at the same time. I actually relish my runs now not for the exercise and weight loss - I love going out and having an hour out of the house, chatting and having a laugh while getting fit.

My Dad always said he would start running when he saw someone running who actually looked like they enjoyed it. If he saw me and my mummy friends he would be sprinting like Usain Bolt! I may not be fast, I don't have any ambitions to be a speed demon but I am loving running. I would just say to any other mum, grab a few like-minded friends and walk, jog, crawl for half an hour and then do it again and again. I promise you, you will develop a love/hate relationship with it.

Have a go...