Christmas Eve

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      Finally, the last sleep!!
      Christmas Eve is such a special family time, especially in a household with babies and little ones. Hopefully, the decorations are up, the presents are wrapped and the larder is stocked. Christmas Eve is a magical time when memories are made and it is full of traditions old and new. It is with this in mind that we have designed and curated this selection of decorations and Christmas Eve Gifts.
      A fairly new and very popular Christmas tradition is the Christmas Eve Box.  This is usually a wooden box and can often be personalised for the child or family. Contents will vary from family to family but often include a story book such as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', a Santa Plate and reindeer food. Sometimes this box can include a Christmas Eve Gift such as new pyjamas or a soft toy. A new Christmas Eve Box is a lovely gift for Baby's First Christmas and can be the start of a new tradition for the new family. 
      Other Christmas traditions include decorating the tree and hanging new or personalised Christmas Baubles. Also, hanging Christmas Stockings ready for Father Christmas, a lovely touch is to hang a personalised stocking for each family member. Of course, the most important job for any child on Christmas Eve is laying out the santa plate with some of Father Christmas' favourite snacks and tipple.