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      Baby Books and Toys

      Baby Books and Toys are the perfect introduction for our young curious minds.

      Whether having tea parties with their teddy bears or drifting off to far away lands whilst their parents read them their favourite book - baby books and toys are the ideal gift for a little one. 

      Babyblooms offers a huge variety of teddy bears and soft toys, many of which are suitable from birth.   These cuddly companions remain our best friends for many years to come.

      If you are interested to know how to encourage baby's development at 12 months, check out our blog.  Our wooden toy collection contains beautifully designed and colourful options that will help your little one start navigating the world around them.  Our hand selected range includes: baby walkers, ride ons, rocking horses, role play toys, puzzles and pull alongs.

      If you are looking for the best books for babies under 12 months, parents love our range of soft books such as the 100% cotton Personalised Rag Books, which baby can safely flick through themselves (and parents can wash should the need arise). Equally our sensory books such as the animal sound books from Wee Gallery are great for educating little ones on all the sounds of the forest and farm yard. 

      Baby's first book will often be a treasured keepsake for new parents, eliciting memories for all the family of cosy bedtime stories in years to come. Our welcome to the world book is a great option for this - a charming tale of a little elephant, on a colourful journey, discovering all the wonders the world has to offer. 

      For durable books, made to withstand tantrums and teatime, you'd be best to opt for one of our baby board books. Baby board books come with thickened pages to protect them against the hazards of being in a baby's possession. Beneath their thick exterior lies enthralling tales that stay with us for a lifetime such as Michael Rosen's We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

      And lastly we have the books for older children (books for 12 months and beyond). As baby begins to better understand their surroundings, they become more and more inquisitive of the world around them.  Older siblings can learn more about what it means to be a big brother or sister through the fabulous You're The Biggest Book.