6 facts about spring babies and why they are extra-special

So what makes your spring baby special? From creativity to optimism to leadership skills, what does being born in the spring mean for your baby? Let’s look at 6 facts about spring babies and why they are extra-special.

Sunny personality

Being born in the spring sunshine seems to create a sunnier disposition. Spring babies score high on the hyperthymic scale. meaning that they are more likely to be optimistic as they go through life. This leads to another fact about spring babies – they are less likely to develop mental health problems when they are older. Being born in those sunnier spring months certainly seems to pay off!

Leadership potential

It is a fact that spring babies are more likely to be CEOs when they grow up. Being born in March, April and May means that you may well reach the very top of your profession. Spring babies are also more like to be creative people. Data published in the journal Comprehensive Psychology analysed 300 public figures including celebrities, artists, scientists and politicians and most were born in the early spring. Your baby is also likely to fly high as most pilots are spring born babies!

Health benefits

There are some health benefits to being a spring baby. Your baby is less likely to develop allergies and respiratory infections if they are born in the spring. This is probably because they are born into a season full of pollen and allergens and so they learn to deal with these very early on.

Trouble at bedtime

Possibly one downside to having a spring baby is that they may prefer a later bedtime. The season of birth seems to correlate with sleep habits and spring and summer babies have internal body clocks programmed with longer days. This means that they may want to play when you are trying to wind down for bedtime.

Of course none of this is definitive and your baby’s own personality traits will far outweigh any impact from her birth season. But is is lots of fun to look at these 6 facts about spring babies and why they are extra-special – your spring baby is likely to be optimistic, cheerful, successful and fun!