Babyblooms Blog Launch

Welcome to the first Babyblooms blog post. Cue the fanfare. This is a first for both Babyblooms and for me as a first time blogger….so please bear with me!

I handle the PR for Babyblooms, the baby gift company, and so deal with bloggers on a daily basis on a professional level and  love devouring their posts. Some of the Mummy Bloggers have set the bar really high as they are intuitive, informative and my favourites are hilarious. I know some bloggers get a hard time but I am a PR person who has the utmost respect for bloggers and I am in awe of how some have managed to propel themselves into the public consciousness through sheer hard work, brilliant writing and not forgetting supreme social marketing skills…many while balancing careers, families and cleaning  (when do you clean?)

What qualifies me to become a blogger?

Well, as well as working in PR for many years and writing a LOT, I am first and foremost a mum.  I have two gorgeous girls aged five and 22 months and I know its corny but they and my husband are my world.  That’s not to say this blog will be all about how perfect my children are and how I sail through motherhood like Mary Poppins on ProPlus. Oh no! I make mistakes every week, sometimes every day and I hope to share my thoughts and experiences on motherhood (the normal, scary, frustrating and amazing kind) as well as on parenting issues in general.

With the help of the team at Babyblooms , who are also all mums, we hope to have some fun, engaging discussions with our followers. We will vent our spleen about various topics and issues– don’t get me started on celeb mums ‘springing’ back into shape – and want to hear from you too. What would you like to read about in the Babyblooms blog?

Really looking forward to getting to know you...x