BabyBlooms Bump Watch – Is it a boy or a girl ?

BabyBlooms Bump Watch – Is it a boy or a girl?

How many times when you were pregnant did people take a step away from you weighing up your bump before sagely announcing the sex of your unborn child as if they were Sir Robert Winston? I remember when I was pregnant for the second time and a friend told me that when you are carrying a boy its all bump and if its all over and on your bum it’s a girl… cue the sage nodding and weighing me up before announcing ‘Its definitely a girl!’ Up until that moment I actually hadn’t noticed my ever expanding backside and damn her she was right I did have a girl… and two years on the big backside!

You can’t really see people going up to Kate and doing the same though can you? Lie down Kate while I balance your humongous wedding ring on a piece of cotton over your bump to see what you are having? Although secretly we hope her close friends have done that? So its left for the world to guess what she is having. We wonder if the Royal household know the sex of the baby already – do you think planning and Royal protocol mean they have to plan everything including what to expect? I chose (my husband wanted to know) not to find out as I reasoned that after the pain of labour I would like a nice surprise- thank you very much. Plus I am that much of a blabbermouth I would have told everyone beforehand which somehow spoils it. I know many of you won’t share that view and are organised and want to know so can plan everything which is great, but wasn’t for me. Although both times, I instinctively knew I was having girls. It didn’t enter my head to look at blue clothes or boys nursery accessories even though I didn’t admit that out loud.

I am sure Kate has an idea in her gut what she is having and if she does know she is a master at keeping schtum. She has expressed the desire for a boy while Wills would like a girl. I feel slightly sorry for her that she has to remain neutral when handed lots of baby gifts from members of the public with the media poised for any reaction towards blue or pink! For now we can all keep guessing…..although judging by Kate’s pert bottom and my friend’s ultimate wisdom I’m saying BOY!