Calendula cream - natural skincare products

Calendula has been used for its healing properties for the last 1000 years. Calendula is commonly known as pot marigold, garden marigold, or sometimes just plain marigold. There are two types of marigolds. One is medicinal, and the other is not. The two plants are entirely different and unrelated. One is Tagetes erecta, and the other is Calendula officinalis. The one we use is Calendula officinalis.

It is cultivated across the globe due to its beautiful, orange, daisy-like flowers, which have been used in beverages, medicine, cosmetics, fabric colorants and foods.

Calendula refers to the calendar, as the plant blooms every month of the year. The second word, officinalis, refers to the workshop of an alchemist, a place where lead was said to be converted into gold. The ancients felt that calendula could perform an equally amazing transformation on the skin, hence the name.

Calendula was considered to possess magical properties. Ancient herbalists and pagans believed that it protected from evil.

Saint Hildegard von Bingen is credited with not only writing about Calendula in one of the first pre-modern medical books, but with naming it "marigold" in honour of the Virgin Mary, a portmanteau of Mary's gold.

Calendula was used to dress open wounds in both English and the American civil war.

Calendula's effects are well documented across the centuries. Herbalists have used calendula to treat minor burns, frostbite and wounds.

Calendula's ability to soothe the skin makes it ideal in cosmetics, and it is mild enough for baby products. It can help reduce redness and calm the skin. It is also believed to be have soothing and healing properties.It is those properties which make it a key ingredient in Babyblooms skincare, most notably in the baby care cream and soothing body lotion.

Calendula rich creams also prove a very popular remedy for eczema, psoriasis and skin irritation and itching caused by dryness.

It is the colour generated by the calendula within the babyblooms skincare products which is responsible for the colour variation between batches - The colour of the creams is ultimately determined by the colour of the marigolds!.