Delightful Christmas Gift Wrapping for Children

Our CEO and founder, Lisa Roberts shares her tips on how to make your Christmas wrapping for children extra special and delightful.

It is fair to say I love wrapping gifts. So much so I made my business Babyblooms out of it. And, as anyone who has watched a child receive a gift knows, it is as much about the surprise, delight and anticipation as the contents. In fact, the gift wrapping and box often captivate the recipient for longer than the gift itself! So I thought I'd offer m of 'pass the parcel'

    • Include treats or surprises within the layers, this could be jokes, chocolates, stickers or even 'treasure hunt' style clues as to the contents to keep them guessing
    • Use ribbons and bows which can be re-used as bedroom decorations, hair bows or simply keepsakes.
    • Attach feathers, flowers, chocolates, candy canes; in fact anything attached to the ribbon or string adds interest.
    • Wrap gifts in things that children enjoy and may even keep. Older children love wrapping from comics and maps, smaller children love boxes and muslin squares make fantastic wrapping for babies.

  • Develop your own signature wrapping style so that your gifts will be recognisable. My children have a favourite uncle whose gifts always arrive by post in the same brown kraft packing paper addressed with black marker pen- very simple but instantly recognised and much anticipated! If you take this advice, you had better not forget!

I think we are all children at heart. As such, we take our wrapping very seriously to ensure that our gifts delight everyone. Whether it's our baby clothes wrapped within floral bouquets, children's PJ's wrapped up like cupcakes or our new range of free gift wrapping; our gorgeous illustrated boxes designed by Amanda Bradley  based around our home, local high street and town in Gloucestershire.

Don't forget to post your tips on our community and together lets make sure every child is delighted this Christmas.