What to Buy for Baby’s First Christmas?

Your baby may not remember their first Christmas and they won’t remember what Christmas presents they received or who from. Whilst it may be a cliche, Christmas really isn’t about what’s under the tree it’s who is around it that is important. This is never more true than a baby’s first Christmas.

Christmas can be a very expensive time especially when you have a new baby to pay for! There really is no need for a crazy mountain of presents under the tree.

To save costs for everyone & if there are going to be lots of you together on Christmas Day, Why not consider a secret Santa draw for the adults so that each individual buys a gift for just one person?

When it comes to gifts for a newborn baby or choosing baby’s first Christmas present, writing a wish list around the following five categories and sharing it with family and friends.

Five Baby Gift Suggestions


This can be a fun new toy which needn’t be expensive.

  • Bath toys which make bath time even more fun
  • Activity toys
  • Sensory toys to occupy little hand and stimulate their development.

These are practical items which your baby will need.

  • Sleeping bag,
  • No-spill cups,
  • Weaning sets,
  • Reusable nappies,
  • Swim nappies,
  • Hooded towels.

Being given these by your friends and family will help you out. They may even treat you to more premium brands or options than you would otherwise buy.

Personalised Baby Hooded Towel

Cute outfits, onesies, pyjamas and dressing gowns, coats and shoes. When buying clothes as a gift for baby’s first Christmas it is a good idea to buy bigger sizes. Parents will really appreciate having something new for their little one to grow into.

Personalised Baby Bathrobe

For baby’s first Christmas any book that you would like to read to your baby will be perfect. Gifting a book is a guaranteed winner. Board books, sensory books and bath books are all great baby gifts.
Books with a Christmas or seasonal theme and story are always popular presents for baby’s first Christmas. Often, such books will form part of a family’s traditions and they will be revisited for years to come.

Heres one of our favourites:

My Wish for Christmas’ (which can be bought with pyjamas and a personalised bunny soft toy as Christmas baby gift set).

Plan a trip to a local farm park or zoo, maybe a woodland walk or register for swimming lessons.