Mother's Day Gift Ideas

What does a new mum want for Mother's Day?

Mothering Sunday, or Mother's Day, has become a celebration of motherhood in all its forms, a chance to show some love and appreciation to mum for all that she does. Who else knows where the spare nappies are kept, or the 'right' way to set up the train track for the toddler? Without mum, how would the pile of dirty washing be magically transformed into clean folded clothes or the bedtime story be retold for the millionth time? OK - we know dads can do some of this stuff too, but Mother's Day is one day in the year that is just for mum and we think it should be celebrated in style. New mums in particular need all the love and support they can get and so we have put together some ideas to help spoil a new mum or mum-to-be this Mother's Day, they deserve it!

    • We're guessing the thing that most new mums would like best of all is some more sleep. If possible arrange a lie in, preferably with baby well out of earshot - this is undoubtedly the best gift money can't buy for a new mum.

    • It is absolutely amazing how much time a new baby can take up and mum may well be missing some uninterrupted 'me time'. Our selection of lovely skincare can be just the thing to help mum feel more like herself again and our luxury pamper hamper will really make her feel spoilt. Top if off with some delicious handmade chocolates and the door to the bathroom firmly closed - heaven!

    • If baby is still very new and you are looking for the perfect gift for mum and baby, then our first Mother's Day bouquet makes a beautiful, practical and stylish present. These baby clothes bouquets are a unique alternative to fresh flowers, the perfect little roses unfurl to reveal the softest babywear and the bouquets also include beautiful silk blooms for mum to keep.

    • A first Mother's Day is a memory to be treasured forever so how about something from our beautiful selection of jewellery? Babies grow so quickly and an everlasting reminder of those precious early days would be a very special gift.

  • And not forgetting for a mum-to-be, this first Mother's Day is really special. Maybe treat her to a soak in the bath with our mummy to be hamper goodies or a relaxing foot rub and pamper session with our essential mum to be collection, giving her an opportunity to relax and unwind before baby arrives.

Mums are superheroes and Mother's Day is a chance to celebrate her super powers. Life can be tricky with a new baby and each day can seem the same, so this is a chance for mum to step out of her normal routine and recharge her batteries. Let's hear it for all the mums out there - they are all awesome!