My Friend Just Gave Birth, What Should I Buy Her?

Becoming a new mother is a joyous time for the mum, the family and their friends – with the sole focus of all this doe-eyed adoration being on the new arrival. Within weeks the precious bundle of joy will be showered with an array of beautiful gifts from toys to teddies, cots to clothes and books to blankets: but what about the new Mum gifts? So often a new Mum will be inundated with baby gifts without anything for themselves. Of course, it’s just as important to congratulate your friend, wife or girlfriend with something special just for them, but what gifts do new mums really want?


babyblooms chocolates for new mums & wife  new mums butter tea & biscuits gift pack

Tea, Treats and Chocolate: 

It’s no secret that being a new mother is hungry, hungry work! It’s estimated that new mums burn an additional 500 calories every day – so how better to enjoy the guilt-free snacking than with some delicious chocolates. Equally, you could soften the blow of those early mornings and late nights tending to the baby with some relaxing tea and biscuits.


new mum chunky gold bracelet gift ideas  fringe chain hoops earng gift set for new mum

MayaH Jewellery for Babyblooms, left to right: Chunky Gold Bracelet (£110), Chain Fringe Hoops (£39)

A beautiful necklace, bracelet or set of earrings are the perfect compliment to that ‘new mum glow’. With a huge range of price points, this gift doesn’t have to break the bank – and what better says how much someone means to you than a glistening bit of bling?


Pampering Skincare:

dandalion pouch pampering gift for new mum  Soothing body lotion pampering gift for new mum

 Perfect new mum pampering gifts, from left to right: Just for Mum Dandelion Pouch (£42), Soothing Body Lotion 250ml (£13)

During all the hard work associated with looking after the baby, it’s important for new mums to take a break occasionally and indulge in some serious ‘me time’. Providing an excuse for this whether it be a luxurious bath soak, an addition to their skincare routine or the accoutrements of a mani-pedi – is something that is sure to be well received by any new mum. Have a look at our website for the perfect new mum gift sets.