New Mum Fitness Excuses

I realised yesterday as I was pulling on my very snug jeans that I am not a new mum anymore. I cannot pull the 'oh its baby weight' card any longer. My youngest will be two next month! How have I got two years down the line and now heavier than I was before I got pregnant? I just can't seem to get my head around losing weight and I don't know why when we are surrounded by celebs (and my sister!) who just snap back into shape.

Celebrity Mums


Rather than getting a grip of myself I actually bemoan the fact that celebs are paid to get back into shape. I heard myself say to my husband 'If I was famous I'd have lost weight by now. 'Lame or what? I read article after article (as I'm a magazine addict) about celebs who drop all their baby weight and then some in just 4 weeks. Not fair! But then again, would I have had the energy to start an exercise plan and diet immediately after giving birth? No way. Could I have dedicated myself to such a strict regime and leave my baby to be babysat while I went running? As if!

The fact is, celebs have lots of help to lose weight - nutritionists, trainers oh and I think the most important of all childminders. I know, I know more excuses but if it came down to cuddles with my kids or a 10K run, the cuddles win every time. So now they are a little older and I have no excuses left I have come up with an action plan for losing weight:

  1. Cut my portion size (I can eat more than my husband FACT)
  2. Exercise for at least 40 minutes 3 times a week - I am Queen of excuses. I even used writing this blog post as one!
  3. Measure myself - will have to work up to that one, the scales were bad enough.
  4. Do not tell people I am on a diet - you readers don't count - I mean mums at school, friends etc. Its too much pressure. I want them to suddenly gasp and say how wonderful I'm looking.
  5. I will update you with my progress -hopefully I can inspire and help other mums who are struggling to get motivated like me. this space!