The Underwear Rule – Say Pants to Abuse

PANTS is an acronym made up of five simple rules that we should all teach our children and discuss with them. The Underwear rule which has been devised by the NSPCC makes it easy for parents to discuss the issue of abuse with their children in a non-explicit manner whilst opening the door for communication and in so doing helps parents to tackle this difficult subject and to protect their children.

The Underwear Rule is a simple way that parents can help keep children safe from abuse by teaching them that:

  • their body belongs to them
  • they have a right to say no
  • they should tell an adult if they’re upset or worried
  • We know talking to your child about their private parts and staying safe can seem difficult, but doesn’t have to be scary or mention sex.
  • Simple conversations can help children understand that their body is their own and help protect them from abuse.

P= Privates are Private

A= Always remember your body belongs to you

N= No means no

T= Talk about secrets that upset you

S= Speak up – someone can help

Source: NSPCC Website

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