Three Cheers for the Royal Baby

Following last year's Jubilee and Olympic celebrations we left 2012 on a high but it's fair to say 2013 hasn't really had the best of starts with more doom and gloom in the economy as well as freezing temperatures causing chaos nationwide. So all hail William and Kate! We were delighted for them when they announced Kate's pregnancy of course but now as the due date draws ever closer we must admit we are getting a little carried away and have set up our very own BabyBlooms Bump Watch in the office. You can regularly hear cries of 'ooh look what she's wearing!' as we crowd and gaze enviously at various pics of Kate looking stunning with her ever growing bump - no sweat pants and hubby's t-shirt for Kate!

The endearing nature of Kate and her willingness to share little titbits about her pregnancy make her just like one of us and it makes us feel like we are waiting news of a friend's new baby. We now know she is due mid-July (wouldn't it be strange if the baby came early and was born on 1st July the same day as Diana or late and on 29th July, the same date as Charles and Di's wedding in 1981?) They also have a shortlist of names. We are guessing these names will be traditional like Helen or Victoria - apparently William Hill's are already taking bets and if we were the betting sort would take a punt on Grace at 20/1 or George at 12/1 as they are traditional but modern at the same time. One thing's for sure, whatever the baby's name, it's sure to feature in the next annual Top Ten Baby Names list both here and in the States.

Its not just us who have got ourselves a little over-excited...we have made a gorgeous red, white & blue bouquet made up with hats, babygros, bibs and scratchmitts all ready for the impending arrival. Big companies are lining up some great memorabilia:

Renowned pottery expert, Emma Bridgewater recently announced a quirky collection mugs to celebrate the pregnancy and the UK Gift Company have already started a newsletter request service with the promise of souvenirs from the likes of Steiff and Aynsley.

Of course along with the serious business of bump watching comes the downright ridiculous stories - although they are funny and we're sure knowing Wills and Kate they will raise a smile in the Royal Household. So from the sublime to the ridiculous, you can follow the Royal unborn baby on Twitter (!) just look for @IamRoyalBaby very bizarre. However, not as bizarre as the South African Geneticist who has already created pictures of how the baby could look when they are a teenager

Whatever the baby (and teen) will look like, he or she is about to become one of the most famous people on the planet and we are sure that with parents like Wills and Kate, they will be protected as much as possible from worldwide media attention and allowed to have as much fun as we did as children.

Please join us in our BabyBlooms Bump Watch. What's your favourite outfit you have seen Kate in so far? We love this one ................

Kate Wears Tartan