Top Baby Shower Ideas

We love a good baby shower at Babyblooms (who doesn't!) and as a team of mums spanning generations, we wanted to share some of our thoughts and tips on hosting the perfect baby shower.

There is huge pressure to host elaborate baby showers and if you are researching this subject or planning a party you will doubtless have encountered plenty of tips and advice that can sometimes include plenty of tat, gimmicks and cringe inducing games, all available online and sometimes at great cost!

So to keep things simple and as a gift company devoted to mums and little ones we thought we would develop our own simple tips on how to host a baby shower the mum to be will LOVE.

First things first, as a host its important to understand the key guest, the MUM TO BE.As a pregnant woman you are typically and probably several if not all of the following:

    • An Adult
    • Sober
    • Tired and emotional
    • Uncomfortable
    • Anxious or nervous about the birth and the future
    • Up to your ears 'nesting' in decorating and DIY
    • On a budget and saving money
    • Missing out on socialising and workplace banter

We don't mean to be negative, pregnancy is a truly special time its just important to understand how your mum to be is TRULY feeling. Which is why we think it is important to note that baby showers don't have to be the forced, organised 'fun' promised by the many games and gimmicks associated with baby showers. Instead Baby Showers can be a select gatherings which celebrate friendship and affirm  support and love for the expectant mum.

So onto our top four baby shower party ideas -

The Spa Baby Shower:

On a straw poll in the bb offices there was not one of us who didn't dream of having more spa days. Becoming a mum means that 'me time' become less frequent which is why a visit to a day spa where 'mum' and friends can indulge in some pampering and an uninterrupted day of each others company is utter bliss. The only accessories required are towelling robes, slippers (hopefully provided for) and a selection of scrumptious baby shower gifts all to be enjoyed whilst lounging around the pool.

The Girls Night In Baby Shower:

Girls nights in become quickly replaced by cuddles with new babies so its a perfect way to relax and have fun with close friends and family before the big day. Plenty of home treatments and pampering, followed by a chic flick and takeaway. Light some of our relaxing scented candles or use scented reed diffusers to set the scene and add that unique spa feel to the occasion. Leg and foot massage is always a favourite with mums to be and who can resist having their nails done? Give mum a thorough top to toe pampering! After all, she is growing a wonderful new baby and that needs alot of resting time. Gift giving finishes the night off perfectly.

High Tea Baby Shower:

A proper old fashioned tea-party - fish out your best china tea set, (or else get to a charity shop and buy some), make dainty cucumber sandwiches and home baked cakes. This is a great idea if you want to include several generations of family as well as friends. If you want an 'activity', ask family guests to bring their family albums and create a scrap book or illustrated family tree, great fun ( we promise!!) and a keepsake to treasure. A nappy cake makes the perfect baby shower centrepiece on such an occasion, as far from being a gimmick it follows the theme perfectly. Babyblooms Nappy Cakes only include biodegradable nappies and practical essential items of baby clothing - oh, and a few silk flowers for mum to keep! Continuing the cupcake theme, perfect gifts include pyjama cupcakes gift sets and organic cotton sock cupcakes.

The Recycle Baby Shower:

This is a fabulous idea, especially if you're one of the last in your friendship group to have a baby. Essentially, it is where other mums can gift garments that they have treasured or enjoyed seeing their own children wear, or nursery items that they have found particularly useful. Older relatives and friends or non mums can be encouraged to bring handmade or knitted items - Essentially anything that has inbuilt love and sentiment.

Hosting a baby shower is exciting but can be daunting depending on your experience of the baby world. Our overall guide is to keep it full of pamper and less of tat with a sprinkling of delightful gifts.

Baby showers present a valuable opportunity for family and friends to show their love and support for the mum to be and most importantly it is an opportunity for her to enjoy some down time and fun with her nearest and dearest before the big B Day.