Top Five Valentine’s Gifts for a New Mum or Mum to Be

All mums are superheros and deserve to be thoroughly spoilt on Valentine’s Day. Here are our top five Valentine’s Day Gifts for a new mum or mum to be along with some hints and tips to show her you care.

Welcoming a new baby changes everything and as a new mum or mum to be you are unlikely to be spending your Valentine’s Day dancing the night away or enjoying a fancy meal out (crashing out on the sofa in front of Netflix is more like it) but Valentine’s Day is a great reason to celebrate all those loving relationships, both new and old. Gestures of love from those around us can mean the world at this time.

The concept of true love takes on a whole new meaning for a new mum or mum to be. Real romance can be a lie in or a cup of tea, a relaxing bath or a foot rub to ease aching limbs. The most valued romantic gestures are those that allow us to recharge our batteries and reenergise ourselves for the days ahead. So, for dads and dads to be, grandmas, nanas and anyone else wishes to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for a new mum, we have some suggestions of Babyblooms Valentine’s Day gifts show your love and appreciation.

Top five Valentine’s Day gifts for a new mum or mum to be:

  • Finally, just being there, and telling her through the haze of hormones and sleepless nights that you love her is worth its weight in gold. A loving hug and a reassuring whisper “you’re doing brilliantly” is priceless.

Let’s not forget the source of all this new love, the precious bundle that has turned our life upside down. Although baby doesn’t know it’s Valentine’s Day they can still look super cute in a Valentine’s Day sleepsuit or cuddle our gorgeous Valentine’s Day Bertie Bear teddy bear.