What’s the most versatile essential for Mum & Baby?

Muslin, a material with a rich and long history, first made in the city of Mosul (now in Iraq), from which it derived its name. Early Indian muslins were handwoven of extremely fine hand spun yarns.  They were imported into Europe, from India, in the 17th century, later to be manufactured in Scotland and England.

Muslin material is a plain-woven cotton fabric made in various weights.  The best quality muslins are fine and smooth in texture and are woven from evenly spun warps and wefts, or fillings.  They are given a soft finish, bleached or piece-dyed and are sometimes patterned in the loom or printed.

Grades of muslin are known by names such as book, mull, swiss & sheeting. 

10 different ways you can use your muslins.

  1. Swaddle Blanket: keeps baby feeling safe and secure
  2. Burp Cloth: sling it over your shoulder whilst burping baby
  3. Bib & Spill Cloth: cover your little one’s torso and lap whilst feeding/weaning
  4. Change Mat: ideal as an impromptu change mat when on the move
  5. Security Blanket / Comforter: snuggly friend for sleepy time
  6. Clean Wipe: use to clean baby at bath time
  7. Modesty Cover: cover for a pram or to cover you when breastfeeding
  8. Household cleaning: wipe and dust around the home, or polish shoes
  9. Make up removal: cut into smaller squares and use time and again
  10. Kitchen use: wrapping food or straining fruit, stocks and gravies

No parent leaves home without them.  Keep them handy in the car, around the nursery and in your change bags.

Most importantly muslins are so durable that they stand the test of time, and you can recycle and repurpose them for years to come!