What to buy a Mum-to-Be

Mum-to-be is often overlooked as so much is bought and gifted for the Baby-to-be.
Maybe you just found out your partner’s pregnant – what do you buy her?

Don’t worry! Let us help with this quick guide to the 5 best gift ideas for a mum-to-be, to suit budgets from £10 to £150.

1) Jewellery

mum to be siver hoop earing gifts  gold beads necklace gifts for a mum to be
As Mum blooms her way through pregnancy, favourite clothes may no longer fit and she’s possibly feeling a little overwhelmed. Jewellery is a simple and excellent mum-to-be gift to spoil her and distract from all the little daily changes that are happening around her.

2) Pampering

luxury mum to be pampering gift hamper  mum to be skincare survival gift set  mum to be relaxation candle git ideas
Once baby arrives there will be limited time to spend on self-care and pampering. Mum-to-be pamper gift sets include relaxation candles and potions and lotions galore. There is simply no limit to pampering time during pregnancy.

3) Big Hugs with Tea & Biscuits

babyblooms tea treats with chocolate mum to be gift hamper  mum to be tea & biscuits gift hamper
What better way to treat someone you love than with a hug and some tea and biscuits?! There are many mum-to-be gift set options available, to suit all budgets.

4) Stationery

bump to birthaday book gift for a mum to be  promise & wish card gift ideas for a mum to be
Most girls adore beautiful stationery so this makes a perfect mum-to-be gift. It can be really cathartic to document the journey from Bump to Birthday. As a further bonus this journal will then become the perfect keepsake for Mum & Baby memories further down the line.
Promise and Wish cards can allow friends and family to pledge to help after the baby is born whilst allowing Mum to subtly request the support she needs.

5) Luxury Food Hamper

mum to be swaledale crate luxury food hamper  The Pocklington Luxury Picnic Hamper for a mum to be

The Swaledale Crate (£150), The Pocklington Luxury Picnic Hamper (£95)

Food treats are always a welcome boost. Hampers of chocolates, biscuits and lovely jams and marmalades, are just a few of the gifts for mum-to-be, that will boost spirits and fatigue as the pregnancy progresses.  Sugar is often a good way to get the baby responding in the tummy, which is good fun too.