What to pack in your hospital bag ?

What should you pack in your hospital bag?

It is really important that you have your bag packed and ready to go and we recommend doing this at least a month in advance of your due date.

The Babyblooms mums suggest that you should have a bag packed even if you are planning a home birth - that way, should you end up needing to go in to hospital you can be sure of having what you need with you and won't have to rely on anyone else guessing at what you want or need (which in our experience can be the most inappropriate clothes imaginable!)

To help you prepare we have put together a quick hospital bag checklist:

What to pack for labour......

    • 2 x nighties/ oversized shirts or t-shirts
    • Lip balm, moisturizer & hairbands
    • Warm, loose fitting socks or slippers
    • Ipod/MP3 player
    • Phone & Charger
    • Camera
    • Antenatal notes / birth plan
    • Tens machine
    • Snacks & drinks
    • Water spray
    • Books and magazines
    • Your own pillow / breastfeeding pillow

What to pack for your baby......

    • 2/3 bodysuits
    • 2/3 sleepsuits
    • Hat
    • 3 x muslin squares
    • Gentle baby wipes
    • Cotton wool
    • 10 x nappies
    • Small blanket - knitted cotton or bamboo receiving blanket
    • Going home outfit
    • Car seat


What to pack for you......

    • Sanitary pads and large old / disposable knickers
    • 2 x nursing bras
    • Nursing pads and nipple cream
    • Nightie / PJ's with opening to allow for feeding
    • Going home clothes & comfy shoes (your feet may swell in hospital sue to heat and sitting around)
    • Toiletries, makeup, mirror and hairbrush - You'll be photographed a lot!
    • Towel



    • Birth announcement cards
    • Notebook / diary & pen

If there is anything else that you found from experience to be really useful, that you will be packing, or you think isn't needed please feel free to let us know so that we can share your tips!